Project Overview

The Village of Cumberland is reviewing its Official Community Plan (OCP). The planning process was launched with a Plan your Community Street event in May 2023. Over 175 participants shared their long-term vision and goals for the Village and identified hot topics for further discussion (see the Phase 1 Public Engagement Report).

Project Update

Committee work

Over the past fall and this winter, Village planning staff have been working with Council Committees to review OCP policies connected to the Committees' mandates, including accessibility, social inclusion and equity, heritage protection, and housing. In addition, the Advisory Planning Commission (APC) has developed criteria to evaluate where future growth should go.

The work of these Committees and the APC will contribute to developing ideas, policy options, and growth scenarios for discussion with the public during the next round of public engagement.

Climate action planning

Work on climate action planning, a key component of the OCP review, started in November. Two public engagement events on goals, reduction target and climate actions were held in early February. Visit the Climate Action Plan project page for more information.

Data collection and mapping analysis

The Village is fortunate to be the recipient of provincial grant funding to assist in data collection and mapping analysis of housing diversity, transportation options, proximity to daily needs of residential areas and cost of infrastructure servicing in Cumberland. Work on this started in January 2024.

Public engagement

In addition to the public engagement undertaken as part of the climate action planning this February, public engagement on all OCP policy areas is planned for this spring. Dates will be announced on this site and through various community news channels, including social media, radio, newspaper and newsletters, and posters.

Why is the OCP important for Cumberland?

The OCP lays out the long-term vision to guide growth and change in the community over the next 10 years and beyond. The OCP also sets priorities for housing, climate change, economic development, transportation and mobility, infrastructure, heritage protection, arts and culture, food systems, parks and recreation, environmental protection and overall community well-being.

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Your Vision

What do you want Cumberland to be like in 2050? Official Community Plans are guided by a vision statement which presents an image of a community’s desired future.   A vision includes: -what we love about our community and want to retain;</li> -what we aspire to have that we might not have today;</li> -the challenges and issues we want to have solved.</li> Post your long-term vision for Cumberland in the space below. 

Built Environment


Natural Environment

Community Wellbeing